Pasta Fresca, Dublin

- Without a chance to do any research on the subject, we headed into the streets of Dublin in search of pasta - dangerous, with Italian restaurants so prone to mediocrity (see Speranza, Scallini’s, Villa Italia, Carlito’s, Cafe Renoir…).

Fingers firmly crossed we sat ourselves in Pasta Fresca, just off Grafton Street - looking out at a rare sunny evening and enjoying some frankly obscenely good garlic bread with mozzarella that was a perfect balance of crunch and chew.

When our pasta fix arived, the good news is that mushroom agnolotti - served simply with butter, lemon, oil and parmesan - was a showcase for how good the actual pasta here can be.

Sadly if you just had the tomato tagliatelle you would have no idea how good the pasta was, the whole plate drowned in a sauce that tasted much like spaghetti hoops, only with a few lumps of dry Italian sausage thrown in for good measure.

Would we go back? The wonderful agnolotti dish was good enough to warrant a return, but the tagliatelle suggests the menu might be a bit of a minefield to navigate.

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